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The Digital Experts The Digital Experts The Digital Experts

For the Independent ECP:  

Order On Line and Save Big $'s on Digital Lenses,  Frame & Lens Packages and Super Value Frames!

About Us


Vision Wholesale Club: Our Story

    At Vision  Wholesale Club (VWC) we work every day to solve the optical industry’s biggest problem: Helping the independent ECP compete against online optical sales.  When a patient comes in and uses their insurance to buy contact lenses, and then asks for their script with PD, you have just lost an eyeglass sale.  The playing field of today’s modern business is littered with companies who failed to address lost sales to online competition.  The good news is, there is an answer for the independent optometrist. All the products you will need to assemble a price competitive and margin friendly glasses program are located here.  (Vision Wholesale  Club was started in 2010 by an independent optometrist and a national sales optical manager.)


Digital Innovation For You

    2010 - VWC became one of the industry’s 1st all digital lens suppliers. Working through a failed relationship with  a Chinese concern,  lead us to a domestic lab who themselves had just gone all digital. An 8+year partnership and 10’s of thousands of digital PAL wearers has created a very loyal VWC customer base.   


    About the same time, VWC established a distributor relationship with one of the industry’s largest frame suppliers.  The synergy of these two suppliers has helped us create a Frame and Lens Package that out completes the online retailers in frame and lens quality, service and value! 


    2016 - VWC introduces SUPER VALUE FRAMES: high quality, great styling, cool colors with spring hinges and very low breakage - for $6.99. Oh Yes We Did!

    2019 - VWC introduces Made in USA frames! Cat-Eye Kristi Fashion Vault features thin colorful Italian Zyle frames in today's contemporary shapes. FORSATI Eyewear are super premium hand made wood and beta titanium frames styled for men or women. If you have a discerning patient base looking for a unique style that doesn't say me too....FORSATI is for them.  And both Cat-Eye Kristi's Fashion Vault frames and FORSATI Eyewear can NOT be purchased by consumers online!

   Digital Lenses, Frame and Lens Packages, SUPER VALUE FRAMES and frames Made in USA - all sold online direct to you.  By NOT having layers of optical management and  buying group fees, our prices are low so you can maintain an adequate margin.  This is how you compete in today’s online world. 


Internet Based Digital PAL Pricing Allows You To Keep More Money Everyday:

      Here is our five minute challenge: Pull several recent lab invoices. Find a Digital  PAL  cr-39 with AR. Our price - $54.99 complete. Digital PAL cr-39 Trans VII with AR- $109.99. Why would you pay more? Here at VWC we say: Cash Pay - Send Them Our Way! For a FREE lens trial call or email Vision Wholesale Club. 

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